Why Does This Successful Blue Belt Feels Inadequate for BJJ Competitions ?

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Do you ever have feelings of self doubt or inadequacy leading up to BJJ competitions? This is what today's video is all about.

It's from Andrew who says that anytime he signs up for a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competition or tournament he has these feelings of inadequacy where he feels like he isn't good enough.

Now this is in complete opposition to what actually happens when he competes in matches. When he competes he wins his fair share of matches and has taken medals in several competitions.

In this video I share how through the experiences in Brazilian Jiujitsu we are essentially forging a new person. If we agree on the idea that the stories and experiences of our past shape who we "think" we are. Then by creating new experiences and stories we slowly change what we think.

I also talk about how in my personal experience and even that of my students, the image of our self and what is reality often aren't matched up exactly. Usually as you're improving yourself the image of yourself lags behind a bit until you create new stories and experiences to bring it up to speed.

If you're in a similar experience to Andrew then I hope this is useful.

Thanks for watching.
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