WHAT IT TAKES - A GaryVee documentary

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WHAT IT TAKES. A short documentary about Gary Vaynerchuk.

I had an idea that popped into my head last week and I decided to create this short Documentary over this past Weekend!

Creating a short Documentary about Gary and following him on his journey, gather the most important topics that he always talks about, and show you what you usually don’t see. Of course, seeing him personally and following him for a week to actually create this short documentary would be incredible and it is a Goal I’ve put into my head, but first I wanted to re-create it with already existing footage so you can see what I had in my head (My voice is only a tool, but it should be his voice, I just didn’t find it - so I’m sorry for the accent). I’ve spent the entire weekend researching hundreds of hours of content, breaking it down to the most important topics, sorting everything out, create a dramaturgy in the story that keeps the tension to watch until the end - and ultimately to inspire you with your goals and happiness.

As you know, besides my daily client work, that I’m really grateful for, my bigger passion is creating films & Documentaries that have an impact and inspire people. Create that “click” in their head. Raise awareness on certain topics, and Gary is an incredible inspiration to me and opened my eyes for a lot of things, not just business. If there would be a possibility to go to NYC and create this documentary I’d go immediately, pay for the transport, accommodation and everything needed, and work my ass of to create an incredible piece of work & art! Because for those kind of things, the last thing I care about is money, even tho if it hurts in the bank account. Experience, and that fire in me that comes with those kind of projects are fare better than any money.

So, after a long weekend, and having pretty much 24/7 his voice around my ears - haha - here is a short documentary about Gary Vee. Hope you enjoy!

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