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This mini-series is TOUGH. We'll learn to use the power of the Scala compiler to solve and validate problems for us, before the code can even compile.

This video (as well as the other parts of this mini-series) is for the advanced Scala programmer. At a minimum, I'll need you to know how to define type aliases and how implicit methods work in Scala. We'll take implicit methods to another level and we will guide the compiler to build instances of certain types that mean particular things to us (for example, whether a number is smaller than another).

In this video we'll learn how to "add" numbers in their type-level representation, with the power of implicits in Scala.

We discuss implicit methods in detail in the Rock the JVM advanced Scala course:

If you're busy, you can take the Scala at Light Speed downloadable 2-hour course, which is FREE:

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0:00 intro
1:01 where we left off
4:05 sum of numbers
6:39 the base axioms
13:50 the inductive axiom
19:07 the compiler computes the sum
25:12 testing
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