TR-8S firmware 2.0 ! FM drums sound demo

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TR-8S firmware ! FM drums sound demo.
Roland have a cool surprise for the TR-8S owners. The firmware that brings FM drums sounds, instant Reload and new instruments effect.
Before updating to this firmware, don't forget to backup your TR-8S.
Check this video for the process of backing up :

0:00 Intro song
0:04 Presentation of the Firmware
5:53 New patterns showing FM
6:35 FM Kick Drums
10:32 FM Snare Drums
13:22 FM Toms
14:32 FM Rim Shot
14:39 FM Hand Clap
15:41 FM Hi hats
17:43 FM Cymbals & Cowbells
19:40 FM Percs
22:00 FM Voice
22:27 FM Synths
23:53 FM Bass
24:53 FM Chord
25:49 FM Pattern
26:18 Conclusion

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