Tinkertown Gameplay Review (PC Steam Early Access)

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Tinkertown Review
Tinkertown hits early access on Steam December 3 and I threw about 5 hours with its first build. My first take away was at the surprising level of polish that Tinkertown brought for such an early version. Many of the little touches like item animations have already been rather well polished and give the impression that this game is being brought to market with quality as a foremost intention. It wasn't all perfection though, as can be expected from early access games, there is a notable lack of exploration content. Sure the world is big, but it also feels somewhat empty for the time being. This isn't to detract from the crafting though, which seems to be the main focus of the game. While I do hope more will be brought to the game, I found that plethora of options for crafting items was more than enough for such an early version. There are multiple ores and materials to make houses, weapons, tools, decorations, armors, etc with several dozen recipes to start. Hopefully this is just the surface of what this game will eventually be, but I'm optimistic given what they are starting with.
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