The Unsettling Case of Chip Chan | The Korean Woman Who Live Streams 24/7...

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Sleeping in very uncomfortable positions and spending lots of time on her laptop, in this video, we look at the curious real-life story of Chip Chan. We will try to unravel the truth from the theories and look at the efforts some viewers of her live feeds have gone try and help her.

In 2008 a live stream was discovered during an unsecured webcam thread on 4chan's/x/, it appeared to show a woman lying motionless in the corner of a rubbish-strewn room. The woman didn't move for over 12 hours prompting many to believe she was dead, the belief sparked attention on the site and was the start of an extraordinary story that is still going on to this day and is one of the original internet rabbit holes.

We want your stories! To submit any creepy personal stories or send in footage etc you may have caught over the years and can't explain, please email: mystory@

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