Stefanie Heinzmann feat. Alle Farben – Build A House

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Das offizielle Musikvideo zu „Build A House“ von Stefanie Heinzmann feat. Alle Farben. Kein Soul, kein Funk – sondern ein pulsierend-eingängiger Dance-Pop-Track.

"Build A House" und das Album "All We Need Is Love" jetzt anhören:

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We all got secrets
We try to hide them
Leave them in the cellar
Gathering dust (um um)

We cover the weak bits
Show only the good sites
But I don’t want this
It’s gotta feel right

So let’s build a house, starting with the ground
If we work together, we can work it out
In the loudest storm we can be so proud
(oh oh) cos it won’t break down

Let’s pile up the bricks, take
The weight from our shoulder
A house can be shaken
But I want you to know love

I'll make a promise
I swear on our life
This roof will hold us
As long as we’re alive

And all the cracks
And all the scars
Make us stronger
And who we are

And when the winds
Come rolling in
They’ll hear us sing
‘Cause we won’t break down

Eine Videoproduktion der
AVA-Studios GmbH
Kamera: Francisco Dominguez
Regisseur: Oliver Sommer

Isabelle Glück
Neele Klose
Karolin Kruse
Philomena Schatz
Joran Henniger
Marlene Wessel
Bileam Tröger
Florian Klotz
Alisha Stragies
Mario Kraft
Steffen Berger
Sanya Quensel
Louisa Mard
Nine Brucker
Antonia Zielonkowski

Location: Circus Montelino Potsdam

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