Rear Suspension & Wheelie Bars AND A New Fire Suit! - 55 Build - Video 10

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A Huge Thank You To these Great Companies for Being a Part of the Build!



Simpson Bag:

Carbon Fiber:

Let's talk suspension! This week we got most of the REAL suspension that will be under the car installed. 4 link, rear end, shocks, sway bar, you name it. Lots of progress and we're getting close to having a roller! While I am gone for Holley LS Fest West this weekend, dad will be wrapping that stuff up (shout out to him! He's the real MVP!!). Also, got the wheelie bars started and have a game plan for those and the changes we will need to make to the car to make those fit. Finally, topped it off we my new fire suit that made it just in time, which I am so excited to have!

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