'PROMENADE' - Filmed on the Panasonic S1 (Firmware 2.0)

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Get the S1 here
Great affordable lens I used
Also adaptor

Hi everyone. Just a short film from me here that was shot on the Panasonic S1 just after upgrading the firmware to The camera is now a 6k beast that has pretty much everything that made people chose the S1H over it. Most of the shots here (95%) are shot internally in the camera and I didn't use a monitor so focus may be ever so slightly off. The non-slomo shots are more than likely shot in 6k and the slomo are 4k dci in 60fps 10bit, a favourite feature of mine now that the camera is upgraded. I used only the 70'200 Sigma Sports lens and an ND 16 filter from Sandmarc. In certain shots the filter isn't strong enough so I had to up the shutter a little.

I have a new video on the way about the S1 which should be uploaded in a few days.
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