Mobile Legends: Ruby MVP, 80% Lifesteal Build! OP!?

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Mobile Legends: Ruby, the Little Red Hood -Live Gameplay-
KDA: 7-1-17
Build: Magic Shoes - Bloodlust Axe - Haas's Claws - Wings of the Apocalypse Queen - Endless Battle - Immortality + Purify BattleSpell + Tank Emblem


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First thing first I want to explain the 80% LifeSteal in the title of the video:
Haas's Claws gives 30% LS (when under 40% HP), Endless Battle and Bloodlust Axe give 15% each and Wings of the Apocalypse Queen give 10% (when under 40% HP). 30 + 15 + 15 +10 = 70% but Ruby's passive makes every LifeSteal 15% stronger than normal so we increase the value we got by 15% and we get 80,5% lifesteal!

You can read my full Ruby guide here (to find hero tips):

-Magic Shoes: Good CDR and early movement speed to make hitting our cc skills easier.
-Bloodlust Axe: A lot of CDR, good damage and nice lifesteal too.
-Hass's Claws: Good damage and a ton of lifesteal!
-Wings of the Apocalypse Queen: Decent amount of HP, some damage but the passive is the best part giving us a lot of defense when we go below 40% along with more lifesteal.
-Endless Battle: Lots of good stats ranging from mana, damage, movement speed and even more lifesteal! At this point we will heal for a ton for each skill we cast!
-Immortality: A lot of HP and Magic Resistance, the resurrect passive is extremely good. Should we die during a fight we can come back to fight and CC again shortly after and hopefully gain back enough HP to stay health thanks to our extremly high lifesteal.

Emblem Set: Tank, Even if this is a damage build I prefer using the Tank emblem anyway. We get some good defensive stats and most importantly some added CDR.

BattleSpell: Purify for sure because you are that kind of fighter that stays in the middle of the action so this lets you break free from cc and hopefully do a counterplay with your CC and stay alive with your lifesteal.

Description is too long for YT, you can find the tips in the full guide linked up there.

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