LEGO Ghostbusters 10274 ECTO-1 Speed Build - Brick Builder for Collectors

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LEGO 10274 ECTO-1

This video is for AFOLS (Adult Fan Of Lego), lego collectors and Parents who watch what lego they will buy. Also this video shows what pieces this set contains, which is extremely important for Lego collectors and for the stores they sell Lego pieces separatelly, because many sets contains very rare and expensive Lego pieces.

Pieces: 2352 pcs
Price: £ / $ / €
Price per piece: / /
Age: 18+

Interestingness for collectors:
Based on the Ghostbusters: Afterlife movie version, this ECTO-1 model features working steering, a trapdoor, ghost trap, an extending rear gunner seat, proton pack and cool details from the original car such as the iconic Ghostbusters logo.
Measuring over 8” () high, 18” (47cm) long and 6” () wide, ECTO-1 is packed with authentic details that you’ll be proud to display.

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