How to Update the Firmware of your Denon DJ SC5000(M) to 1.6 (also valid for SC6000(M))

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How to update the Firmware of your Denon DJ SC5000(M) to (also valid for SC6000(M))

In this video, I go through the process of updating the firmware for your SC5000(M) Prime media player from Denon DJ step by step. Pretty straightforward. The firmware used in this video is and brings primarily integration of Dropbox and Beatsource Link.

Please find the link to the release notes here:

Download the firmware for your player here:

00:00 Introduction
00:10 Open the software
00:22 Start media player and check firmware
01:15 Check firmware if you get no notification
01:27 Connect media player to computer
01:47 Device reboots to firmware update
02:08 Start the software
02:35 Firmware process
03:29 Check firmware and new Dropbox / Beatsource Link options

This is not a sponsored video - it's my stuff, bought from my money and I'm doing this for fun and education :-) (just saying)

Disclaimer: the process changes with newer versions of the firmware and the software for the update. You update your device at your own risk.

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