How to Learn Scratch Programming Language

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If you want to learn how to use Scratch, this tutorial for beginners is for you. Instructions:

How to Learn Scratch Programming Language is an introduction to a great new series on learning the Scratch programming language. There are ten tasks that will be covered in ten videos that will guide you through each task. Use the instructions (pdf files – download from the link above) to help you at first and you will gain confidence and knowledge of important programming concepts. Good luck!

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0:00 video start
scratch programming language
0:53 instructions webpage
1:22 ten tasks
2:31 task 2 game
2:55 task 3 calculator
3:20 task 4 xylophone
3:31 task 5 animation
3:52 task 6 lists
4:08 task 7 maze
4:26 task 8 race
4:44 task 9 functions
4:59 task 10 algorithms

If you want to learn to code, these tutorials are for you. Hi, my name is Dr Codie and I teach programming to University students using Scratch, python and other programming Codie means ‘helpful person’ and we want to help you not just learn python but to enjoy learning python.

In my experience, success with coding comes down to getting the fundamentals right. You can then move onto advanced programming concepts and skills. You will understand how to do simple coding tasks and then we will show you the simple methods of putting lines or blocks of code together using this knowledge. Practice is essential for your skills to grow but again do not fear we will help you practice as well.
Learn to understand the logic and design aspects needed to become a good programmer, let us help you practice to keep improving and don’t forget the bonus of seeing first hand how to build the code and possible stumbling blocks when we explain the answers to the tasks set within the tutorial. You do not need to watch the whole video but if you do you will improve as a python coder!
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