Funny memes on programming and programmers PART 6 ????????[only programmer can understand this]

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Hi friends.

Welcome to my you tube channel Programming knowledge.

This is the sixth video of funny memes on programming series,
In the first five videos (link provided below), I have got such a nice response from the viewers , so I have decided to make more videos on

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Funny memes on programming YouTube series:

If you like to make matrix effect in c which is shown in intro of this video then watch this video.

Here is the link for some programming videos stuff ????????

- Typing Master game in C language:-

- Pacman game in C language

- Despacito song :- music tune in C language through this link:

- Indian national anthem- music tune in C language:- check-out through this link

- Vande mataram music tune in C language

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We will meet in the next video, until then enjoy programming.

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