Easy configuring instead of complicated programming – putting robots into operation intuitively

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The standardized MOVIKIT® Robotics software module makes it possible to control universal robot kinematics in a simple, time-saving way.
In this way, machine operators can quickly create and edit robot programs: Without any complex programming language – directly on the machine – and absolutely intuitively.
Precoded robot programs permit simple integration into automation structures and offer new functions such as the multidimensional Touchprobe measurement and sensor-based positioning, as well as time- and distance-based path events.
A particular feature is the simple possibility of adapting the solution individually to suit the machine, the products, and the process – starting with the integrated drive configuration, flexible transformations, and even reaching as far as sensitive collision detection and powerful machine modules in the SEW Automation Framework.
With automation solutions from SEW-EURODRIVE, it is now second nature to parameterize robot movements – just follow your intuition.
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