DSPN Diecast Sports Programming Network Weekly Wrap Up 22 August 2020

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This video is intended for audiences 13+ who are interested in #adultdiecastracing

The DSPN Weekly Wrap Up covers news, reviews and racing updates from events taking place around the world this week in the diecast scene, plus lots more great information for you to check out!

If there's something you'd like to see in these videos that you think we're missing, or if you're interested in being part of an upcoming show, head over to and put your links and information there. And while you're there, check out the rest of the forum to get all your diecast questions answered and to list your upcoming races.

If you have a diecast channel and it isn't listed in the channel guide yet, make sure you add it to the list here this is a brilliant resource designed to list everyone's channels in one place.

Make sure you go to to post your photos and links to videos and if you want them to be part of the weekly wrap ups. By posting in the forum you give us permission to use your clips for the purpose of the DSPN wrap ups.

This week’s featured channels in order are


Slanman Start gates, timers and more

DIRS – Starting in a couple of weeks. First round will be on RTR Diecast Racing Leagues channel

DDR – 8 Modders magazine


Wheel alignment during swaps forum

Red Pill Racings Wheel Jig


Michael’s Diecast Garage

Red Pill Racing

Diecast Draggor


Wallside Diecast

Rust Belt Racing


3D Botmaker

RTR Diecast Racing League

Hot Wheels Calgary

Chapman Films

9s Diecast

Widowmaker Run

The Amigos Diecast Racing

DC World Racing (Fraser Ridge)


3D Botmaker

Hot Car Track

Flat Rabbit Racing Club

Transport Diecast Racing

Live Young Die-Cast

War on I4

Urban Underground Racing League

Rust Belt Racing



Chaos Canyon


Photos from Gnocchi Jack
Jackson Pass Speedway


1:64 Diecast Racing

Meal Ticket Raceway

High Forest Diecast Racing

Brian Simpson Racing

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Thanks for looking, but this week’s is hidden in the video…somewhere. Can you find it? No-one found the last couple, so how good are you? It’s obviously well-hidden. Good luck
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