Destiny 2. XUR LOCATION/DLC EXOTICS August 21, 2020! NEW Random Rolls! 8-21-2020 |Mesa Sean|

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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Season of Arrivals Xur Location & Exotic Random Rolls. August 21, 2020. New Trials map and loot in the pinned comment. Where is Xur 8-21–2020? In Destiny 2, Xur comes to a random location to sell an exotic weapon and exotic armor pieces with exotic random rolls. Xur also brings bounties called “Invitation Of The Nine”. Xur arrives at reset on Friday and leaves at reset on Tuesday. Destiny 2 Xur Today.
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Trials info: Trials Map: Convergence. 3 Wins - Scout | 5 wins - Auto | 7 wins - Rocket | Flawless - Arms

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