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Cutter sleighs have tall, narrow runners designed to cut through deep snow, hence the name "cutter". There are many varieties of cutters and there are many variations of bends in their runner styles. This cutter sleigh needs new main runners bent along with new step rails. The main body frames are in good condition so I will be bending the main runners and the step rails.

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Many of you are interested in the tire bolts and rivets I use in my videos. Since I use a large number of these, I do keep them in stock. An email to dave@ will get you a list of available sizes and pricing.

Some informative books on the Carriage Trade:
Carriage Terminology: An Historical Dictionary
The Brewster Story -
Practical Carriage Building
Wheel making: Wooden Wheel Design
Carriage and Wagon Axles
An Interesting account of an early English Wheelwright Shop
The Wheelwright Shop, in Kindle form

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