Chip Kelly and LeSean McCoy had a beef marinated in Chip's "culture"

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When Chip Kelly showed up in Philadelphia he inherited some truly impressive players, but none more so than LeSean McCoy. They were a natural pairing that immediately left opposing defenses gasping for breath. McCoy finished 2013 as the league's top rusher, Kelly turned a four-win team into a division champ, and then after another year together their journey came to a crashing halt.

Kelly traded McCoy, somewhat abruptly, and the biggest thing he got in return was beef. McCoy made his thoughts very well known, highlighted by a quote about how Kelly got rid of all the good, Black players. It was a twist few could have expected considering how well they had seemed to get along.

But that's beef for you. Even the choicest cut will spoil if you leave it out in a locker room too long.

Written and produced by Will Buikema
Graphics artists: Phil Pasternak and Mike Das
Audio by Jiazhen Zhang


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