Canon R6: It's WAY Better Than You Thought

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We got the Canon R6 and R5 in for testing! Today we focus on the R6. How does it compare to the Fuji XT4? How is the 1080p? Will it overheat with the new firmware How's the stabilization and autofocus? We got the giant RF 15-35mm , is this a good vlogging setup? Is full frame glory real?!

Thanks Camera Canada for the loaners! If you buy any of these through my affiliate links, canon will update the firmware and allow you 3 more minutes of jail time visits with your camera. Canadian links in the description, youtube won't let me post them in the comments. Just as a note, I had firmware on the R6 and on the lens, which I THOUGHT was the latest, but it's not lol. So that's probably why the IBIS was so bad, I have a video coming with the R5 also not on the latest lens firmware, but now it's up to date and all future vids will have it. We'll test the IBIS again with the new firmware.
Canon R6
Canon RF 15-35mm
Canon R6 Canada
Canon RF 15-35mm

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