CaDa Ferrari 488 Master Series C61042W MOC Super Car Speed Build - Brick Builder

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CaDa Ferrari 488
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Welcome to Cada Master series. The Master series is based on licensing copyrighted Moc designs from original designers. The idea behind Master series is to allow brick hobbyists from around the world to experience great builds from well-known Moc designers by bringing the licensed design and components at one place conveniently and work with Moc designers to help them create more Moc designs.

Main Features
● Designer: Bruno Jenson
● Price: $
● Bricks Quantity: 3187 pcs
● Materials: ABS
● Difficulty: Extra High
● Product size: Length 52cm * Width 25cm * Height 13cm
● Package size: **

Interestingness for collectors:
Italian Supercar comes in an exquisite packaging which is a piece of art in itself. On the box you will find Bruno J's written nickname and his signature. The C61042 set consists of 3187 pieces which are packed in 6 numbered boxes. A top quality, multi-colour instruction book with the designer's self-introduction and detailed building steps, easy to follow thanks to the well-thought design work, delivers a unique and satisfying building experience.

The model itself is considered to be both - a faithful 1:8 scale replica deservedly sitting on a collectors´ shelf and a functional RC fun toy at the same time. The chassis is built from 3 basic modules with sophisticated bodywork on top. The car features great playability with manually opening bonnet, engine hood, glove box and doors with functional door locks. Along with independent wheel suspension there is a detailed V8 cylinder engine sitting at the back. The main functions are operated remotely: LED lights, driving, steering and a 4-speed sequential gearbox. You can see all the moving parts in action without even touching the car: engine pistons, steering wheel, shift paddles and gear indicator.

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