Bertjan Broeksema & Huib Keemink - Exploring Railway Oriented Programming in Python | PyData Fest

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Bertjan Broeksema & Huib Keemink - Exploring Railway Oriented Programming in Python | PyData Fest Amsterdam 2020

An ongoing question when developing software is: how to build reliable and correct software systems? Python applications are no exception to this question. We explore a different way of dealing with errors in your Python code. Instead of using try-except, we present the Railway Oriented Programming approach.

This approaches programming as a way of combining railway segments. In combination with type annotation, this leads to interesting possibilities for developing correct and testable applications in python. But: it also puts constraints on what should and shouldn’t be done in those segments.

We have set ourselves the challenge to build the Railway pattern from scratch in Python. Follow us on this journey of implementing this pattern, and see where it leads us. Is it even uesful in Python? Does it solve any problems you might have?

To follow this talk, you do not need experience with functional programming. If you know your way around python functions, you will get an introduction to a common functional pattern without the lingo!


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