Apple M1X Chip Leaks & 2021 Mac Roadmap Explained!

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Apple's M1 chip for their MacBooks & Mac mini is incredible! However, they're just getting started. Let's talk about the 12-core Apple M1X chip that we're expecting next year!
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Apple's 8-core M1 chip has been blowing people away by its incredible performance and efficiency, but there are some definite downsides.

One downside is the lack of support for 4 USB Ports, as well as the lack of 10Gbe on the Mac mini.

In this video, I'll discuss Apple's solution to this problem, which is the M1X chip that is coming to higher-end Macs next year!

The M1X chip will include 12 cores, and it'll be built on the same 5nm silicon architecture.

These Macs will support 4 Ports, which a lot of people are waiting for!

In this video, I discuss the performance that we should expect, as well as the features we should expect.

I also talk about the redesigned Macs that we should be seeing next year, including the 16" MacBook Pro and the 24" iMac. I also talk about when we should expect future Apple Silicon Macs to be released.

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