ACOUSTIC TREATMENT - How to Build a Home Studio (Part 3)

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Download the free Acoustic Treatment Cheat Sheet:



GIK absorption coefficients -

Auralex absorption coefficients (NRC) -

GIK floor to ceiling tri traps -

Primacoustic small corner traps -

How to build your own DIY acoustic panels -

GIK panels -

RealTraps Guide -

Room EQ Wizard download -

GIK tutorial on Room EQ Wizard -

Sonarworks Reference (room calibration) -


In this video, you'll learn how to add acoustic treatment to your room to instantly improve the sound of your studio. Watch now if you want to make mixing easier.

I don't cover the process of building your acoustic panels in this video, and instead, focus on where you should place your treatment.

If you want to build DIY panels, check this out:

But first, be sure to download the free cheat sheet:

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