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In this SAP® ABAP® RAP Professional Development course, we have covered SAP® ABAP® Restful Application Development from Basic to Advanced with Managed and Unmanaged Scenarios.

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▶ Key Highlights of SAP® ABAP® RAP Professional Development Course:

- First, we will start with ABAP® Versions and Understand in which system what version are present
- Then, we will understand the theoretical side of ABAP® RAP to get a good background in - Architecture, VDM, Runtime, and Design-time Components
- Then, we will dive into start hands-on for Managed Scenarios and Explore BDL Options in Behaviour Definition, we will create an End-to-End App on Managed Scenario
- Then, go towards the ABAP® Programming Language refresher before we start diving into Unmanaged implementation. Because in Unmanaged we have to program all the Implementation.
- Then, we will extend our managed App and Add Unmanaged Scenarios and Develop End-to-End Flow
- Then, we will implement a few custom features with Unmanaged Scenarios


▶ What we have Covered in the Course

➜ Get Started with the Basics of RAP and ABAP® Versions and S/4 Versions
- ABAP® and S/4 HANA® Versions
- The architecture of SAP® RAP Compare to ABAP® Fiori® Model
- Managed vs Unmanaged
- Runtime and Development Time of ABAP® RAP

➜ SAP® RAP Implementation - Managed Scenarios
- Hands-on Tools Setup
- Hands-on Managed Scenario Development
- Hands-on Complex Managed Scenario Development

➜ ABAP® Programming Refresher for UnManaged
- Hands-on: ABAP Programming Language Basics
- Hands-on: ABAP OOPS Programming Language Basics
- Hands-on: ABAP Messaging Classes

➜ SAP® RAP Implementation - Unmanaged Scenarios
- Hands-on: Extending App With Unmanaged Implementation
- Hands-on: Adding Custom Features for Unmanaged Implementation


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