410 Sprint Car Build Ep 14 Engine Build and Dyno

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How do you build an engine capable of powering a Sprint Car on the Outlaw tour? Or one worthy of the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame? Running at 8000rpm night after night requires a pretty trick set up. Engines in this class get the best of the best. Zach Woods, engine builder at Speedway Motors Racing Engines, built this beauty from the block up. We could listen to Zach talk engines all day.

Zach starts with a beautiful aluminum Donovan 410 block, a Callies Magnum XL crankshaft, Clevite coated bearings, Dyer’s rods and CP Pistons. A Huggins camshaft actuates the Manley titanium valves in 1 Way Technologies' Type 60 heads. Isky EZ-Roll Red-Zone Lifters, steel T&D Rocker Arms, Trend pushrods and Manley Super Finish valve springs get installed for guaranteed endurance and stability at high rpm’s. Zach tops this work of art with a Kinsler SBC Beast injector and Speedway Motors Racing Engines valve covers. Like just about every other sprint car on the Outlaw tour, Zach runs an MSD Pro Mag.
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