10 Things I haven't Upgraded in 5 Years or More // Sustainable Minimalism

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Here is my attempt to start a conversation around the lifespan of the physical things we own. I live in the western world and was born into a generation that constantly consumes and never holds on to things in the pursuit of always upgrading and getting the new trendy item. I recognise that I am a privileged person to be able to have choice over what I buy and also equally choosing what I will not. I think it is sad that we as a western sociality participate in this nonsense on a daily bases and it is rarely spoken about. Every new item that is created is a demand on natural resources from the environment and we create this demand not based on need although this is sometimes the case. However most consumption that happens in the west is based on convince and the delusion that an item can change our lives. We no longer value items in the way the generations before us did and therefore we do not take care of or try to preserve them instead we are always looking to the upgrade. I am not perfect and I am not judging any individual what so ever about the choices they make. This video is a judgment on myself and my own actions and I hope to share it to maybe get other people thinking and making judgments on their own individual consumption habits. We only really have the right to judge ourselves because that is ultimately the only person we have power over to make changes and to address unconscious and neglectful behaviour. It is no longer good enough to wait for governments to place caps on admissions and introduce polices around climate change. We have to change ourselves, our habits, our privileges and demand for better through our everyday actions. We vote with our money it is as simple as that. I would love to hear your thoughts around the idea of products lifespans. I know I could do loads of research into this and probably create many more videos around this topic however this idea came to me today and I wanted to film it and get it out there for others to share their own thoughts as well. Thank you for sharing and watching :)
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